Friday, May 1, 2009

They Grow up So Fast....

Sniff, sniff, I knew this day would come. The day when they leave the nest and head out on their own into the big, wide world. I never thought I'd feel so emotional. No more little squeaky voices waking me at dawn. No more cleaning up poop and messes. No more little faces peering over the nest every time I check the mailbox. Seriously, y'all didn't think I was talking about my kids did you?!

My baby finches are officially outta here. Stacy snapped one last pic before they were frightened to death surprised by the flash, and flew away. Don't be getting all PETA on me, peeps. They were ready; I promise. Here are mom and dad boo-hooing it up on the telephone line.
"Fly high! Do something productive with your life--like finding the cure for bird flu!"

And of course we had to take a peek into the nest to see if all the eggs had hatched. Nope, one little egg was still resting in the bottom of the nest. Wonder what they'll do about that....

Btw, those chicks are way messier than my kids. I mean, at least mine are toilet-trained. however, this is what I found after naptime yesterday.....

There is actually a little girl in there somewhere. A very. messy. little girl.


  1. Two house finches just finished a nest on our back porch light! It's so much fun to watch them. :) LOVE the picture of A....that's hilarious!

  2. looks like "nap time" at my house that's going on right now...i can hear the mess being created as i type this...

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