Friday, February 6, 2009

To Freeze or Not to Freeze...

It's a sad morning, friends. Our beloved Brewstation finally gave up the ghost---in the form of about 6 cups of coffee that leaked across the counter and under the pile of dishes waiting to be washed. Sad, sad morning.

He served us well, little java machine. His mugs of muddy energy helped to drag our bodies to the bus stop, to church, and to the MOPS meetings that have taken over any ounce of free time that I used to have. What's sadder? That I actually considered putting a straw to the counter to sip up any amount of caffeine that was remaining.

Since my immune system succumbed to the nasty viruses that have been floating around, I've been congested and coughing and have had virtually 3 hours of sleep a night this past week. To say I am in need of a "pick-me-up" would be a vast understatement. Normally, I would just pack up the Wreckity-Girl and head to Mocha Mo's for a steaming sumatra with a shot of sugar-free raspberry syrup, however, this morning it is COOLLDDD! It is bitter, bitter cold and coupled with the fluish chills I have, leaving the house this morning is not even an option. Oh, I'm sorry, did I forget to mention the Man drove my car to work today? Yep, we're still running with 1 vehicle since his truck was totaled 2 weeks ago.

So what to do? Suck it up? Throw on my big-girl long underwear and make the 3 mile trip? Or whine on the computer while Wreckity-Girl (who is wearing a shirt from the dirty laundry) watches Diego and eats Craisins?

Um, yeah. Embarrassingly enough, the latter is winning over this morning. Any anonymous caffeine donations will be accepted---no questions asked. No brand turned away. Just leave it on the porch and I promise not to breathe on you.
Smooches & Lysol~e


  1. Hehe, I would have totally found a straw and sucked up whatever I could have from the counter. No shame in that. No, no, for me, the shame would be that said straw would be from a McDonald's cup from two days ago...*blush*

  2. i have a perfectly good coffee maker without a pot. do you want it? it's a cusinart grind and brew. the pot broke and i never got a new one. it either goes to you or the MOPS yard sale:o)