Thursday, February 5, 2009

Uno, Baby

This is for you Suzanne. You asked and you have received. A record of the craziness that fills this family, recorded for generations to come. Because really, unless I tell someone, I tend to block out most of the nonsense that occurs here on an almost daily basis. Truly, who would believe it all unless their maiden name was Sawyer?

I can't promise how often I'll post. Maybe weekly, maybe daily. I mean how often does one need to read about the antics of this household? Trust me; it aint pretty. So, Suzanne, this is for you, and for Heidi, and for everyone who I really stink at keeping in touch with. I hope these musings will make you laugh and relate. Because I know we've all felt like the girl who just can't get it quite right. The girl who's just a little bit off. The girl who is constantly dodging the stones of criticism and accusations. But I hope you also feel redeemed, alive through grace, and though bruised---hopeful, and slow to cast your own missiles.

Welcome to my heart, and my little online home. Be sure to wipe your feet at the door.



  1. Yay! Another MOPS mama bloggin'! :) I can't wait to read yer stuff. Thanks for signing up on mine. :)

  2. I cannot WAIT! This has been way too long in coming. Thank you for an outlet to smile! MWAH

  3. oh good! welcome to the club!:o)