Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Today, just pretend that I am Oprah for a minute. Not the crazy, narcisisstic, left-wing Oprah, but the one who shares her favorite things with her friends. Okay, maybe just a little crazy.

Tops on my list today is a t-shirt company that makes beautiful distressed looking shirts, but with the addition of Bible verses and great graphics. I love them extra much because they have a shirt reminding us to put on our full armor! How cool is that! So check out and get your verse on!

Okay, next we move from the shirt to the face. The sleepy, puffy, dark circled face you avoid in the bathroom mirror first thing in the morning. I know, it's scary. However, for the last 6 months or so, I have been using a product that makes the scary go away a little quicker. Drumroll, please, Garnier Nutrionist Skin Renew Anti-Puff Eye Roller. Whew, say that 3x fast! In less time than it took me to type out the name, this awesome little roller ball will brighten your eyes and reduce the puffiness so that you can look your best at the bus stop. Okay, maybe it will just take the attention off the yoga pants with the unraveling hem and the holey t-shirt you've had since Junior Year---of high school.

While we're still hanging out by the eyes, let me plug my most favorite mascara eva!! Now understand that I have wee little lashes that are both sparse and short. If I had the extra fundage just burning a hole in my TARGET shorts, I would probably splurge for eyelash extensions. Yes, there actually is such a thing. We are a sad frivolous nation, my friends, but I'd be first in line! Until then, I am rarely seen without "muh-scary" as it's known in this house, and my first choice is the giant orange tube worn by Ms Drew Barrymore, LashBlast by COVERGIRL. I will worn you that the waterproof is just a devil trying to get off, but I run, swim, and shower in this mascara and love how it stays on and keeps my lashes thick and long---ish. Love it and I can't wait to try the new LashBlast Luxe with glitter. Basically just say the word glitter and I'm there. I digress.

Moving on, to my last fav of the day, Herbal Essence None of Your Frizzness conditioner. I know what you're thinking. Herbal Essence and their cheezy somewhat risque commercials, blah, blah, blah. However, in the last year or so, they have totally revamped their ad campaigns, their marketing, and ultimately their products. Which brings me to the conditioner. I have crazy frizzy hair, and poor Wreckity-Girl has inherited it as well. She doesn't always use this conditioner, because her hair is still young and fine and wispy, but twice a week I lather her head up with this and it takes care of business. Truly, it is better than any salon conditioner I have ever used and it's only a third of the price, too! It smooths my hair without leaving it weighed down and heavy and it smells yummy, yummy in my shower.

There you have it. My favs these days. Little things that I now tend to take for granted, but were super exciting when I first discovered them. So what are your favs?



  1. Thanks for posting about and displaying the button for wild Olive Tees. You have been entered into the giveaway!

    Very cute post. :) I need to get that Eye Roller. Well, and the conditioner, and they mascara. But I will be running to get the eye roller!! :)


  2. Girl I love reading your blogs! I have to try that conditioner! I'm always up for saving some $ and trying new hair products. With this mess on top of my head I'll try just about anything!!! O~ and for my b~day Kevin got me a gift certificate to get eyelash extensions. I'll let you know how they are :) I'm waiting until May b/c I'm in a wedding.

  3. Katie, you must tell me how they work out!!! So jealous :0)

  4. I am very interested in this under eye thing!! I have a problem with dark circles. I think perhaps an extra hour or two of sleep might remedy that, but who are we kidding here? ;) Good post!

  5. ok, so i'm pretty sure that I'M the one that told you about the undereye roller, but whatever! i am going to have to one up your mascara though. i have tried lashblast and much prefer the l'oreal double extend mascara that makes the little tubes on your eyelashes. it looks great and it super easy to get off in the shower leaving no raccoon eyes. i even wear it when i workout and have not issues of it smudging or flaking off. give it a try and let me know what you think!

  6. um, sorry, but i'm going to disagree with you one the undereye roller!!! i'm interested in the mascara, though!

  7. ok...trying something new to see if i can post here.

    testing! i love the eye roller- the feel of it and how it cools but sadly, y genes must stink. i still have black circles. i did just buy the mascara and we'll see how that works. i'm a nutrogena addict (mascara-wise) so we'll see. i have long lashes but they're scarce!!

  8. well, new "alias" is way too long. in english, that would translate to "leigh." what in the world!?!? at least i can comment now!