Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mama's Back in Town

Mama Bird is back, so in our house that means it's officially spring!!! MB is a housefinch (says GOOGLE), and for the last 6 years she and Papa Bird have been making nests twice a year in a basket in our porch. I'm not sure how long these two have been a couple, but every year they pop back in, and she lays 4-5 beautiful little blue eggs.

She just hangs out up in that nest all day while PB brings her food and nest materials.

Papa Bird is a pretty reddish color and very much the vocal of the two. But both are very trusting of us and even allow us to take the basket down a couple of times a week, so that the kids can take a peek. We have even had to put a baby back into the basket after he fell over the edge. Pretty soon our little birds will be hatching and look like these little fuzzy darlings from last season.

Aren't they just so sweet and helpless? And hopelessly ugly, but that stage only lasts around a week. Then they are loud and hungry and chirping at the crack of dawn for breakfast. Typical newborns. But these babies don't stay little for too long and in a couple of weeks they are jumping out of the nest into the big wide world of cats and storms and scary things. Oh, I'm so glad I have a few more years before all that drama!!!

Enough of the heartpangs. Here are a few of my favorite flower gardens in the city. Pretty soon they'll look like this once more. Enjoy your spring!!


BEAUTIFUL!!!! Okay, here's a couple more, because frankly, I just can't help myself ;0)


  1. Pretty flower shots!!! :) Love the birdie pictures too!

  2. it's funny to see this tonight because i get practically giddy when i see "Mr. Frog" outside each year. to me, it simply screams that spring has arrived (regardless of what the mercury says). so, imagine my delight when mr. leigh came in from a run tonight to inform me that mr. frog was back!! yay, spring!!

    ps- want to go go lewis ginter in a couple weeks?

  3. Those are beautiful pictures of the flowers. What garden is that? I can't wait to have a permanent place to settle down and hang bird feeders/nests to have our own signs of spring every year.

  4. tracy, these were from last spring, and i believe the pinky tulips were from the 100-300 blocks of caroline and the others were from a beautiful, beautiful front garden on prince edward. i can't wait until everything blooms again!!

  5. Girl, you need to write more!! Need inspiration? I gave you an award...