Friday, April 17, 2009

Now This Feels Like Spring!

First things first, I'd like to welcome the 4 newest babies of the Finch household! I am told the last little egg has also hatched, but we're going to wait a few more days to get some pics. The babies are now cheeping away up there in the corner of the porch. With finches (oh to be a finch!) the mothers sit on the eggs, but when the eggs hatch, mama is outta there!

Mama jets off to a very private bird spa of sorts, and Papa steps in as the dutiful feeder of the loud babies. Mom stops back in maybe once a day or so to yell at him, and tell him that he needs to be feeding them free-range worms and to stop letting them watch so much Noggin, but she tries not to harass him too much in case he decides that he'll hand the job back over.

Anywho, on to more exciting news! Only 2 more days left until Spring Break is over!!! Woo-hoo, I can almost smell the exhaust of the school bus now! It has been a bit difficult this week, what with the 3 days of rain, and daddy working every day. Howeva, today was gorgeous, and we managed to spend a couple hours outside picnicking, planting flowers, playing games, and eating popsicles. Btw, for those of you following a strictly all natural diet (like the DonoMan) I have to recommend Breyers Pure Fruit Pomegranate Blends. Yuuummmy!! Moving on....
So today was immensly better than yesterday which is now referred to as "The Day Momy Survived the Wal-Mart ". That, my friends, is a blog for another day. It is still a bit too fresh in my mind and I may have to ground my children again just thinking about it. Yes, today was full of all the fun stuff that spring is made of. Tomorrow we are off to the Maryland Science Center which I'm sure will be quite the little adventure. I'll be sure to take some pics!
Look into the son, Darling!!
***I must note there are NO preservatives on this plate. It's possible, people; don't be intimidated!! :0)

D very seriously follows the "no shoes on the blanket rule"

"Score for the Wreckity-Girl!!"



  1. I love how you wrote about the momma and papa finch. You are so creative! Glad you enjoyed the sunshine today. Can't wait to hear about your Wallyworld experience.

  2. Tagged you on my blog this morning! :) Can we start a countdown to Convention or something?? ;)